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As society based in materialism and power, we seek out moments of luxury to punctuate our lives.

How much is too much? I interpret the human body and architectural structures, simultaneously

celebrating and criticizing traditional forms. I am interested in the combination of clay, kiln

cast glass, and other media, as a vehicle to communicate where our language has failed. By

representing relationships through interpretations of gender, authority, and material excess I define

the glamorous and gratuitous. Imagine an elaborate meal with delicacies too rich, too sweet, and too

savory. In the right setting, this feast is elegant. Inject some sophisticated attire, a finely decorated

spread; a host of attractive people, and this decadence has a very magnetic charm. But this image is

easily transformed. Turn that table of ten into a table of one. Take away the fancy china and the designer

threads. Give the solo host a stained shirt, a beer gut, a face covered in meat grease, and our appetite for

gluttony is re-routed.

From self-expression to vanity, from satisfaction to over-indulgence--how do we justify these acts? Witnessing it

in others, do we look away in judgment or do we admonish ourselves? My ambition is a product of my own

wondering. How would we feel if our intimate moments were made public? Would we change our behavior?

Sanitize our lives? Whether divine or amoral, excessive or tasteful, in one breath the beautiful is transformed to repulsive.

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